Cloud Based Phone SystemsMany businesses utilize a PBX (private branch exchange) business telephone system which is normally housed on-site in their telephone equipment closet. Most of the time, these systems are very old, outdated, and expensive to maintain. Modifications or changes require a visit from an on-site technician which takes time and money. When the system goes down, the business' phones are down until the technician can arrive; and hopefully they have parts in stock!

All of these problems can be avoided with a cloud-based PBX. By placing your business telephone system in the cloud, you no longer need to worry about expensive maintenance contracts, hardware that will eventually fail, or downtime associated with failures. Your business phone system, provided by 3CX, is hosted on our physically redundant servers in multiple locations in order to minimize downtime. Many additional features are available when compared to a physical PBX. Contact us today for more details and to receive quote.



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