Service Agreement - Personal Plan

Unlimited IT Support for you and your family

Our unlimited support option allows you and your family to call us any number of times for computer help. The service agreement allows you to budget for your IT needs and frees you from worrying about your personal information being stolen or hackers who might be monitoring your computer. We'll do a periodic check-up to ensure things are running smoothly and to ensure your computer is safe from infections and other unnecessary software. No matter the problem, big or small, you will have the option of calling us and speaking with one of our certified IT support professionals who will remotely help you fix the problem. Since the rate is the same no matter how often you call, you won't be hesistant to call us. We'll keep your computers running like they should so you can focus on your family.

Here's a list of the services that are included:

  PC Tune-up: Clean-up and Optimization
  Virus Removals
  Spyware/Adware/Malware Removals
  E-mail Setup
  Network Devices Setup
  Printer Help
  Software Help
  General IT Assistance



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1 computer: $14.95/device/mo.
2+ computers: $9.95/device/mo.

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Our support desk is standing by to receive your issues and start work right away to get you back into the action. We make every effort to discuss your support issue then free you up while our technicians remotely perform computer repair.

Not every issue is an emergency so non-critical issues and communications happen conveniently via our email ticket system. We also offer near immediate response by utilizing our live chat.

Manage and view your entire ticket history from our support portal. Administrators are able to review their organizations entire ticket history to keep informed of issues. The support portal also has an extensive library of common self-help support in our Knowledgebase.