When it comes to your files, many times loss or corruption of these files could severely impact the operation your business. We've seen some companies that had to close their doors permanently after data loss. Many people place the same sort of importance on their personal files. The loss of years worth of pictures, finance documents, legal documents, music, and e-mails would be devastating to many individuals. Data backups are something everyone knows they should be doing, but many times are not. Listed below are some of the things we hear from clients regarding data backup.

I've been meaning to backup my data!

Good intentions don't recover your lost files. This is the most common thing we hear in a disaster scenario, and unfortunately, there's not much we can do short of performing data recovery procedures on the drive, which are costly and very time consuming.

I do my own backups. I don't need some special software to do it for me.

Copy and pasting files to an external device is time consuming, prone to human error, and if not done consistently is of little use in a disaster scenario. Also, many people have good intentions of doing this, but in reality, weeks or months pass by since their last backup.

We already have XYZ backup software.

Many automated backup software (especially tape backup) have no forms of verification or error notification. Many businesses go on thinking the backup system is operational, only to find out the last backup that successfully ran years ago when a disaster occurs. Also, corruption in files or 'missing' files go unnoticed during backup routines. When one of those files is needed from a backup, the restored file is of no use and without rotating backups or a retention policy, the user is out of luck.

Many people have a false sense of security with their current 'backup' solution or do not realize the risk they are running by not backing up their data. Our hope is to educate people about the necessity of a proper data backup BEFORE disaster strikes (because it will eventually).

Full System Backup Service

In the event of hardware failure, corruption, viruses, etc. and your computer no longer boots, or you accidentally delete files, a restore can be performed in a matter of minutes. Our full system data backup subscription takes an 'image snapshot' of your computer and continually backs up changes and new data in increments of up to 15 minutes during the scheduled times. In the event of a failure, in the worst case scenario, you would only loose 15 minutes worth of work. There are also many other benefits of our full system backup subscription, which are listed below:

  • Fast Restores - The most beneficial factor of the full system backup service is the amount of time it takes to get you back up and running. The entire restore process usually takes less than 30 minutes. After that, you're back up and running with literally everything just the way you left it; all your files, software, settings, etc.
  • Hardware Independent Restores - If you hard drive fails, the repair procedure is as simple as replacing the drive and restoring your computer from the backup image. However, our service differs in one key area. When a motherboard is replaced in a computer, restoring from a backup would likely result in a system that does not boot due to chipset driver incompatibilities. Sometimes this can be solved with a few hours worth of work by a technician and other times it requires a fresh install of Windows, programs, and reconfiguration of all your settings. This can be a nightmare, especially on a server (think 2 hours of additional labor per workstation on the network). This is where the hardware independent or bare-metal restore feature is helpful. When restoring your backup to a different system, it takes care of cleaning out the old drivers and loading any new required drivers.
  • Monitored Backups - You backups are continually monitored1 by our team of technicians. If an error occurs or a backup fails, we will be in touch in order to help remedy the problem.
  • Unlimited Retention - Ever realized weeks or months down the road that you need to recover a deleted file or a file that was changed multiple times since then? With virtually unlimited retention2, recovery of files from the past is possible. No need to restore the entire operating system and other files to this date. The software allows you to pick the recovery date and the file(s) you'd like to recover and where to place the recovered files.
  • Fast Restores - The most beneficial factor of the full system backup service is the amount of time it takes to get you back up and running.


Online Data Backup Service

Storing important files on your computer is something everyone does without thinking, but what happens when your computer crashes or hard drive fails? We've seen it time and time again; sometimes we're able to recover the files for a hefty fee, but other times those files are gone for good. Businesses have been crimpled and families have been devastated after the loss of all their family photos and videos. The simplicity and the low cost of an online data backup program makes it possible for anyone to keep their important files safe.

  • File Sync and Share: Your files are synced in real-time so in the event of a failure, the most recent copies of your files are safe.
  • Cloud Storage: Your cloud files work like local files. Directly open and edit any file; any changes automatically sync with the cloud. You don't have to upload or download files. You don't ever have to figure out which files are old or new. The current version of every file is natively available on your computer.
  • Mobile Access: Access and upload your files, photos, and videos from your Apple or Android device and from any computer with an internet connection without installing any additional software. 'Favorite' files to keep them synchronized and available offline. Automatic uploading of images taken with the phone camera ensure important photos and videos taken with your mobile device are safe from loss; this also allows you to free up valuable storage space on your phone.
  • Sharing and Collaboration: Easily share and sync folders and files to others in your organization or family. Also, the public sharing link allows you to share folders and files with anyone by simply emailing them a 'public link' with optional password protection.
  • Large File Transfer: Many email providers limit the size of email attachments. Use the 'public link' to send large files to others or allow others to upload files to you.
  • Location Independent: Great for mobile workers who travel or telework. In the past, shared files and backups required the person to be in the office, on the same network as the file server. With our solution, no file server is needed and your files backup and sync to the cloud as long as you have an internet connection. If you're without an internet connection, your changes, deletions, and new files will be automatically synced next time you have an internet connection.
  • Secure and Private: Your files are stored in our private cloud to ensure the upmost security of your files. 'Zero-Knowledge' encryption can be added to ensure only you can access your files. With zero-knowledge encryption, we have no way to decrypt or view your files, even with a court order or FBI raid!
  • Selective Sync: Many users have found their computer's storage is too small for their growing data needs. Sometimes they'll start storing their important files on external hard drives or flash drives which can fail easily or become lost. With the selective sync feature, you can un-sync specific folders or files. They will still be safely stored on the server and accessible via the web and iOS and Android apps, but those files are no longer taking up valuable storage space on your computer. If you want to sync them to your computer again in the future, it's as simple as reselecting those folders or files again from within the software. This effectively enables truly unlimited storage on your computer!
  • Recycle Bin and Versioning: Deleted files and previous file versions are kept for a period of time to allow for recovery of accidentally deleted files or changed files.


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