Support Desk Agreement - Business Plan

Unlimited IT Support for you and your employees

There is a hidden cost in not contacting technical support -- productivity. One of the main reasons users choose not to reach out to technical support is to avoid the pay-for-support model of computer repair. In an attempt to "save money" the user will live with the problem or try to fix the issue themselves. Both of these options come at a definite cost in productivity with the employee trading their own salary to be their computer support or working less effectively by avoiding the problem or trying to work around it. At Tech Advantage we know you work most efficiently and are the greatest asset to your organization when your technology is performing at its best; therefore we encourage our users to contact technical support by including our remote support service in our plans.

Our unlimited support option allows you and your staff to call us any number of times for computer help. The service agreement allows you to budget for your IT needs and is less expensive than hiring a full-time IT person. No matter the problem, big or small, you will have the option of calling us and speaking with one of our certified IT support professionals who will remotely help you fix the problem. We'll keep your computers running like they should so you can focus on growing your business.

Here's a list of the services that are included:

  Computer Tune-up: Clean-up and Optimization
  Virus Removals
  Spyware/Adware/Malware Removals
  E-mail Setup & Support
  Network Devices Setup
  Printer Setup & Support
  Software Installation & Configuration
  Hardware Research & Purchase Recommendations
  General Software Questions
  Remote-based & Telephone Training
  General Software Questions
  Managed Support Services (optional)

Managed Support Services

Support Desk Agreement - Managed Support Services

Unlimited IT Support for you and your employees

In keeping with our mission to provide a "one-stop-shop" for all your IT needs, our call center agents are fully trained and experienced with the tasks required to provide support for third party products and services.

Never again will your users need to think, "Who do I call for this?" or "How can I check the status of that?". Our call center agent will assist in diagnosing the reported issue, contacting the proper vendor, and overseeing the repair process to ensure a smooth and efficient problem reporting and incident resolution process.

Key Features:

  One number to call for all your IT needs; even for products or services that are provided by an independent third-party
  Agents will ensure the issue is properly reported and will follow-up on a best effort / as-needed basis to ensure the issue is rectified in a timely fashion
  Scalable – easily add new products or services to the portfolio
  Online ticket history for reporting purposes and performance metrics

Why Outsource?

Support Desk Agreement - Benefits to Outsourcing

Tech Advantage service desk versus full-time IT staff

Our monthly support desk offering is often compared to hiring a full-time employee to cover your IT needs; here’s how your business will benefit from our support desk offering:

  Always available: There will always be someone available to provide assistance at Tech Advantage; an on-staff technician might not show up, call out sick, or be on vacation when a problem occurs.
  Wider knowledge: Since you’ll be working with a large group of technicians with decades of combined experience, it’s highly likely we’ve seen it before and will know what to do. Even the highest paid on-staff technician will run into problems they’re not familiar with or don’t have the resources to tackle.
  Less expensive: After you account for taxes, insurance, healthcare, and other benefits, you’ll immediately see a drastic cost savings when compared to an on-staff technician.
  Continual Delivery: An on-staff technician can leave the company, leaving you high-and-dry with no knowledge or documentation of how things are setup or running. When a problem occurs, the new IT staff will be left scrambling while office productivity suffers. With Tech Advantage, everything is properly documented and detailed records are kept, so even when turnover of technicians do occur, the quality and timeliness of support provided to your company is not affected.


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1-10 users: $39.95/user/mo.
11-25 users: $34.95/user/mo.
26+ users: Get Quote

Are you ready to subscribe or have questions?  Send us a message and let us know!

Our support desk is standing by to receive your issues and start work right away to get you back into the action. We make every effort to discuss your support issue then free you up while our technicians remotely perform computer repair.

Not every issue is an emergency so non-critical issues and communications happen conveniently via our email ticket system. We also offer near immediate response by utilizing our live chat.

Manage and view your entire ticket history from our support portal. Administrators are able to review their organizations entire ticket history to keep informed of issues. The support portal also has an extensive library of common self-help support in our Knowledgebase.