Certified Data Recovery ProfessionalsHard Drive Data RecoveryIt's inevitable. Unavoidable. At some point you will experience data loss, and without a robust backup solution, you may be searching for options for recovering that data. Look no further. We have partnered with a certified data recovery center with all the tools necessary to recover your data properly without causing any additional harm to the drive. Many other inexperienced and unequipped computer repair shops have been known to cause more damage to the customer's drive or media when trying to recover the data due to their lack of knowledge. Trust your data to certified professionals; you may only have one chance!


Removable Media Data Recovery

SD Card Data Recovery

External Hard Drive Data Recovery

We specialize in recovering data from many different media and formats:

  • Mobile Devices: iPhones, iPads, and Android devices (even if passcode locked!)
  • Desktop Hard Drives
  • Laptop Hard Drives
  • Solid State Hard Drices
  • USB Hard Drives
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Server Hard Drives
  • RAID Confirgurations
  • Flash Drive Data Recovery
  • Compact Flash Cards
  • SD Cards
  • SDHC Cards
  • Mini-SD Cards
  • Micro-SD Cards
  • MMC Cards
  • xD Cards
  • Memory Stick Pro/II/Duo Cards
  • Other types of digital camera storage medias
  • Other removable storage devices
  • Smart Phones, iPhones, iPods, and other MP3 Players
  • CD, DVD, BlueRay

Upon contacting us, we'll immediately offer recommendations on what you should do immediately to prevent any further data loss. We'll get you information and send you a small padded box and pre-paid shipping label to send us your drive so we can do a free diagnostics. Once we determine the state of the drive and how much data can be recovered, we'll call you and offer you the recovery service and quote the price for the job. Should you decide against it, we'll put everything back like it was and ship the drive back to you; all at NO CHARGE to you, at all! You have nothing to lose!

ISO 5 Certified Cleanroom - There is a great deal of difference between ISO 9001 and ISO 14644-1 certification. Our data recover lab is the only data recovery facility in the world with an ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom that has been audited and certified to meet ISO 14644-1 standards.
Learn more about ISO standards, view our ISO 14644-1 certificate or take a virtual-tour of our facility >

Data Security During Data Recovery - If sensitive data is being recovered, maintaining a high level of security during the recovery process isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. The data recovery company should have proof that your data will be safe and secure while it is at their facility.
View the results of our network penetration test >

SOC 2 Type II - DriveSavers undergoes an annual SOC 2 audit of its internal data hosting and processing controls to guarantee that our data recovery services uphold the stringent data security and privacy protocols mandated by the corporate clients and government agencies we serve.
Learn more about SOC 2 Type II >

Manufacturer Authorization - If a recovery service meets their criteria, technology manufacturers will authorize a data recovery company to open and work on their devices without voiding the original warranty.
View our Manufacturer’s Authorizations >


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We are one of the only businesses to offer the No Data - No Charge policy. We will attempt your data recovery and try to get the data off that you need. If we were unsuccessful at recovering useful data, you won't pay a dime for our time. We cover the shipping to the clean room both ways, no matter if you choose to proceed with the recovery or not. If you do not feel it was a successful recovery, just say so and all fees will be waived. No diagnostics fees, no return shipping fees, NOTHING! You have absolutely nothing to loose. Contact us today to setup your free evaluation.

Ever wonder what happens inside a failing hard drive? Play around with the drive simulator to learn about common hard drive failures.
Free analysis and 2-way shipping.
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Do you offer any special pricing?

In addition to our free evaluation service for all customers, we also have a special "JPEG Only" recovery that has been heavily discounted, to help recover those precious family photos, weddings, vacations, and all other photos. We also periodically offer discounts throughout the season or to help victims of natural disasters recover their data. Contact us to discuss other Data Recovery Discounts.


Will my home-owners insurance or renters insurance cover my data recovery?

Insurance can often cover the cost of data recovery. For an individual, either homeowners or renters insurance could provide coverage - actually most policies provide some coverage. Coverage may exist by an actual endorsement on their policy or may be able to be extended under "loss of intellectual property", "valuable papers and records" or "electronic media". Two areas to look over would be the liability coverage section and the property/casualty coverage. Check with your insurance agent or broker for clarification.

Almost all commercial insurance policies for businesses include some coverage for data recovery. The term "business critical" could apply here. We encourage you to review your policy and check with your insurance agent or broker. Anything you might pay for data recovery may be considered a business expense which can be a write off on your taxes. Check with your accountant for verification.


Are your data recovery services HIPAA compliant?

Yes, DriveSavers is fully HIPAA compliant and we have a HIPAA compliance certificate on file for your reference.


Are you able to offer secure data recovery for my sensitive / confidential data?

We know the security of your data is of the utmost importance and DriveSavers has invested heavily across our operations to ensure a strict security protocol. In addition to adhering to the highest US Government Security protocols, DriveSavers has also earned SOC 2 Type II certification giving you the peace of mind that our facility and processes meet the most stringent security requirements. Additionally our engineers are certified as forensic investigators by Encase, FTK, BlackBag and Paraben.


If my mobile device is password / passcode locked or disabled, can you still recover my data?

Yes! We've have many cases where we were able to recover all of the data from the customer's iPhone, iPad, or Android device, even is it was locked by a forgotten passcode or disabled. All devices go through both our mechanical and logical departments, including our highly skilled micro-solderers when needed. Our invoicing is based upon the results of the requested data being recovered. If the requested data is unrecoverable, our "No Data–No Charge Policy" applies with free return shipping.