A recent report revealed that in 2009, 71% of websites with malicious code were legitimate sites that had been compromised. Don't put your computer at risk. Make sure you have the best protection! Read more about our internet security subscription package.

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Would you drive your car without insurance? Would you walk around without health insurance?

devil mad 48Protecting your car and yourself is just as important as keeping your computer protected. Just like with car insurance or health insurance, without proper protection for your computer, you could instantly become infected by viruses, malware, adware, spyware, and other malicious software. Nowadays you don't have to visit certain sites or open e-mail attachments to become infected. An unsuspecting user browsing even the most reputable websites can become infected with the new tactics hackers are using. Many of the new infections will bring your computer to a crawl or can even cause corruption and deletion of your important data. Other times you will see many error messages and pop-ups prompting you to pay the hackers money that will supposedly rid your computer of their infections. Often, if not treated early, these infections will multiply causing corruption of the operating system. In this case the drive would need to be wiped clean with all software, drivers, and updates reloaded. Computer cleanings and operating system re-installation routines usually cost around $200 or more and take at least 2-3 days but sometimes weeks!

Using free or cheap anti-virus software does not completely protect you! Hackers are very lucrative and work day in and day out figuring out new ways to infect computers. The good guys have to continuously catch these new methods and release updates to their customers to block the new methods of infection. It's a never ending cat and mouse game. A free or cheap anti-virus company does not have the resources to employ a full time team that searches out new methods of infection to add to their database. In this sense, you get what you pay for and are still taking a risk.

activity monitor 48That's where we step in. We continuously monitor non-biased third party reporting companies who test the anti-virus software. They tell us which anti-virus company is doing the best job in different areas such as detection and thwarting of infections, low footprint / memory usage, and timeliness of updates. You'd except that the popular companies like Symantec (Norton) and McAfee would be at the top of the list, but they're not. Norton was good in its day but now it uses so many resources that many people's computes can barely handle it. McAfee is not currently doing such a good job with detection rates and is missing many of the new viruses that have been released into the wild. One company based out of Germany has been on the top of the reports in all areas for quite a while. Their name is Kaspersky. We have partnered with Kaspersky and pass down our partner discounts and pricing directly to you.

Shield 48 Don't go another day risking the health of your computer. Protect yourself, your important data, and especially your pocketbook from unnecessary expenses. Sign-up now for our Computer Internet Security subscription. This package includes a full subscription to Kaspersky's full Internet Security Protection package. Not only do you get great anti-virus with updates on the hour but also things like parental controls, URL adviser, anti-spam, two-way firewall, and much more!


Order Online! - Just $5.00/month with a 1-year contract.