Computer running slow or acting erratically? Are you getting continuous popups or lockups? You may be infected with malware, spyware, or trojan viruses! It's best to have the infection professionally removed as soon as possible. Delaying or attempting removal via the infected system directly could lead to data loss and operating system corruption!

Will I loose any of my data or files?

  • Absolutely not! Before we begin the cleanup process, we backup your entire computer; all your programs, files, data, documents, pictures, music, etc. Some malicious infections will attempt to destroy your data during removal attempts. If this happens, you can rest easy, knowing we have a backup of everything.

Will my computer run faster after the viruses are removed?

  • Most likely. Viruses, malware, and spyware are constantly running in the background (sometimes unknowingly), communicating with their master server, attacking other computers, logging and sending personal information, and much more. Once these infections are removed, your computer will be free to do the things you want it to do! Also, after the cleanings, we will run your computer through our computer optimization routine to reclaim memory and processing power to make the system as fast or sometimes faster than it was when you purchased it!

What if the virus can not be removed?

  • In our many years, we have never had an infection that could not be removed. However, if your computer ends up being the exception, we will take alternative steps to backup your data and restore your computer to factory condition at no additional cost.


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