We offer all types of computer repair by highly trained, experienced, and certified technicians. We have some of the lowest prices for laptop computer repairs as well as desktop computer repairs and virus removals.

gold medalWe pride ourselves by offering services by first class certified and knowledgeable technicians. You may have experienced it before; dealing with a computer or IT technician that was probably only half as knowledgeable as you are or had less common sense than a pea. It actually happens more than you would imagine in today's society because of the need for cheap and fast computer repair and the lack of experienced technicians. Don't get fooled by the other "computer repair" or "technical support" companies. Some operate solely from the internet and hire low wage workers from other countries and train them firstly on how to use a computer and then how to run certain software on your computer in an attempt to fix it just enough so that you'll pay. Don't let an inexperienced technician cause havoc on your computer or network that will end up costing you more in the long run just to get all the kinks and problems they created straightened out!

We have very competitive rates and have no hidden fees. Contact one of our certified, knowledgeable and highly experienced technicians or consultants today and get the job done quickly and correctly the first time around!

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Laptop Repair

We can repair all makes and all models of laptop computers. We handle motherboard repairs or replacements, cracked screens, laptops with no display or that won't boot, replacement LCDs, keyboards, power adapters / ac adapters, and batteries, liquid spilled damage, loose power DC jacks, and almost anything else. We even have access to a BGA machine that allows us to do component level repairs!

Desktop PC Repair

We do repairs and upgrades on all types of desktop computers. All makes and models, including specialty gaming computers as well as servers. We can do motherboard repairs and replacements, computers that won't turn on or won't boot up, computer that won't get on the internet, replacement parts such as LCDs, keyboards, power adapters, and power supplies, and almost anything else.


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