Tech Advantage started out in 2005 as a web design and web services company, known as "True Value Web". As the company grew and expanded into several markets on the east coast, the company also expanded in the services it provides to its clients. In 2013, the company reorganized and changed its name to "Tech Advantage", to better reflect its mission: "To give businesses and consumers the 'Tech Advantage' in the rapidly changing world of technology".

Today, Tech Advantage offers its consulting services to small to medium sized businesses and offers a wide array of products and services to give those businesses an advantage in their market. The company is a sort of "one stop shop" for a business' IT needs, offering complete solutions including infrastructure, networks, credit card processing, video surveillance, business telephone systems, cloud hosting, web/email hosting, web design, marketing, mobile app development and many other IT services and consultations.

Tech Advantage is helping the community with our IT consultation and development services for startups and small businesses. We seen a need in the market for technology consultations, especially for the aspiring entrepreneur or startup. Many of these people know exactly how to make their product or run a business, but need help or guidance when it comes to proper implementation of their website, mobile app, user interface, servers, or other IT infrastructure. We know that funds are limited in most startsups are and will work with qualified any startup no matter their budget.

All of the services offered by Tech Advantage are offered because they believe they can offer it at a lower cost or a better quality than competitors. "For the products and services we offer, we want to go above and beyond what the competition offers in terms of features and quality - and more importantly, what you're paying! But we know we can't do it all, so when we find a product or service that's already a good value, we partner with that company and refer our clients to them instead of reinventing the wheel.".

The company is able to keep their pricing low due to their low overhead costs and streamlined business model. They also pride themselves in providing great support, no matter how small the client is. Company experts hold multiple Microsoft and other top industry certifications.

In addition to its B2B sales and support, the company also focuses on end-user support for the average consumer, offering repairs, support, and other money-saving products and services.


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